You decide to leave.


Then you spend endless time worrying if you've made a wrong decision.


What if it's a terrible mistake?

What if I'm just being selfish and reckless?

What if I take away his happiness forever?

What if I'm not capable of taking care of myself and my kids?

What if I can't support us financially?

What if I'm too old to find love again?

What if I get sick and die alone?

So many "what if"s with no answers.

Stress, guilt, fear and doubt your constant company.


I feel you. I understand you. I've been there myself.

I had a 15-year relationship.


He was the love of my life. We were happily married. We had a beautiful and wonderful daughter. We had just moved into my dream house…

I didn't have a valid reason to leave. Or so I felt.

Is it even legit to leave a relationship where neither one is having an affair?

But I was extremely unhappy.

I felt suffocated and depressed. I was just going through the motions day after day. I didn't smile anymore.

So I decided to leave. I even moved out of the house and into an apartment.

But for 6 years, I was being tormented by guilt, fear, self-loathing, stress and doubt.

I was locked in a circle:

Leave - Feel tremendous pain - Go back to him - Next big argument - Leave again

The separation process was going on the whole time: sell the house, search for a lawyer …

But we lived in denial, all the three of us.

We tried desperately to maintain some level of routine and normalcy in our daily lives.

We were still cooking and watching TV together, going to our favorite restaurants on weekends, and even going on holidays together in Spain …

We'd been together for so long that we didn't know what to do on our own anymore.

It went on for 6 years.

6 years of indecision and being stuck. 6 years of suffering on daily basis.

Then I found coaching. It changed my life.

In 2020, not only I finally signed all the divorce papers to leave my marriage, but I also quit my 18-year corporate job to become a coach myself.

I've never, ever felt so vibrant, so free, so passionate about my life before.

It's possible to leave and thrive.

I did it. I will teach you how.

Leave & Thrive Mini Guide

Now I'm on the other side, looking back, there're really just 3 steps to leave and thrive

1. Create closure

2. Process pain


3. Build a life you truly want


Leave & Thrive Mini Guide