1. Create Closure


The first step is to create closure.

It means to make a final decision and never look back.

It doesn't mean that you eliminate that person or any happy memories you had with him from your life forever.

It just means that this chapter of your life is now over. So you can move on to the next chapter.

The biggest mistake I made was indecision.

Winston Churchill described the decision making process as a “long road of agony”.

Agony is the indecision, not the decision itself.

Once you make that final decision, the agony goes away.

Not only for you, but also for your partner.

I thought by staying, I was doing him a favor. But he was terrified and spent every day wondering whether today would be the day that I would actually leave.

The pain I was causing both of us on the daily basis wouldn't stop until I made that final decision.